• Thoughtful Gift

    A unique gift idea that not only will the recipient enjoy, but will be cherised by generations to come.

  • Great Value

    Traditional memoir services can run in the $1000's, but an AudioLife memoir is much more affordable.

  • Record Quickly

    Other formats can take up to a year to produce, but we deliver your memoir within 2 weeks after the interview.

  • Studio Quality

    We offer a world-class experience where the interview and production are handled by professionals.

  • Listen Anywhere

    Your private podcast will be available for listening on your preferred app, or via a custom streaming page.

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How It Works

Schedule Your Interview

In your emailed order confirmation, we will include a calendar link for scheduling your interview.

Join Our Virtual Studio

We provide 3 options for entering our podcast studio:

  • Use a Chrome browser with the link provided
  • Download the App on your tablet
  • Or wait for a call on your Phone

Enjoy Your Interview

We will send sample questions in advance, so you can prepare. But you already have the answers. We will have a wide ranging conversation about your life and personal reflections.

The Gift For The Person Who Has Everything!

We make it fun and easy to create a priceless legacy. You will want to come back and record another episode.

Your loved one's stories, wisdom, and insights captured for generations to come. Keep their voice accessible forever.

Our memoirs are designed to captivate the whole family. Everyone will be laughing, crying, and thinking while listening to the podcast.

Ruth Marshman

"I feel very honored that my children wanted me to record a memoir and I am happy to do it."

Michael Marckx

"It was great to reminisce about my childhood but also distill some life lessons during the interview for my kids. I thoroughly enjoyed the process and look forward to recording another session".

Derek Martin

"They asked a lot of great questions that had me thinking about my life in different ways, often causing me to realize connections between things for the first time. It was a fun experience, which is why I came back for a part 2!"


Who is AudioLife made for?

Whether you would like to record a loved one's memoir, provide a unique gift, or capture an impactful story, we have a package for you.

My loved one is not good with technology, will this work for them?

Definitely! We provide multiple options to record the interview. They can access our virtual studio with Chrome browser, download the App on their tablet, or wait for a call on their Phone at the scheduled time.

What happens if the conversation goes in an unexpected direction?

Don't worry! Our interviewers are empathetic and non-judgemental. If anything needs to be excluded, we will take care of that during editing.

Can't I do this myself?

Yes, you can. But there are several benefits to working with the professionals at AudioLife:

  • We have a researched set of questions and know exactly what to ask after doing many interviews.
  • We frequently uncover new stories you have never heard before.
  • We follow up to make sure the interview is scheduled, so the memoir actually gets recorded.
  • AudioLife produces a professionally edited final product that can easily be shared and saved for generations to come.

Can I see sample questions?

Yes. You will be asked questions from the following themes:

  • Early life
  • Education and career
  • Relationships
  • Societal changes
  • Personal growth and philosophy
  • Current life
  • Reflections and anything else you want to share

Once your interview is booked, you'll be sent sample questions to prepare.

How quickly is the podcast ready?

We will have your final edited episode ready within 2 weeks of the interview.

Add-On Packages

Money Back Guarantee

We promise you will cherish your AudioLife Memoir! On rare occasions when the interview match is not quite right, we will offer a second complementary recording with a new interviewer. Or we might suggest a different package. In any case, if we cannot make it right, we will refund your purchase.