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Your interview with AudioLife is now booked. Please check your email for the appointment confirmation and put it on your calendar.

We recommend bookmarking this page for reference on the day of your interview. Or save the details in a way that is convenient for you.

RECOMMENDED - Use a Chrome browser on your computer (you can download Chrome here if you don’t already have it) and enter our virtual studio. Please make sure your microphone is working.

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ALTERNATIVE - Download the app for your tablet or smartphone and enter the AudioLife studio. You can download the app by scanning the QR code.

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FOR THOSE WHO PREFER THE PHONE - If you wish to record your interview over the phone, please email us at and provide the phone number we should call, as well as note the order number and appointment time. We will simply call you then.

Thank you for trusting AudioLife to guide you through creating a priceless legacy.

Your interviewer will be ready to hear all about you, and don’t worry . . . you’ve got this! We are going to have fun talking about your life, and making sure your stories and wisdom can be shared with generations to come.

We cannot wait to meet you!

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